YAYA Press Release – Summer ’22



Continue to dream

Comfort and certainty are always crucial, but at the same time, we always dream of the freedom and ease of traveling again. Just as we started the previous deliveries of this spring-summer season, we use our imaginations instead of traveling abroad. This time, we took a look at the towns of Tulum and Positano to celebrate their culture and inspire us to mix them into our own collection. This was the starting point for our Spring / Summer ’22 collection.

Overall trends for deliveries 4 and 5 are defined by a loose, relaxed and airy silhouette, such as the long dresses offered in both woven versions, as well as in jersey and loose fit trousers. The refined details and finish of these items make them multifunctional; beach and dinner proof. Easy, but sophisticated. As for the fabrics, we have opted for structures such as linen blends, cotton blend, crumpled cotton and also pointelle knits and more frank English embroidery.

Image: YAYA

Color wise delivery 4 is represented by botanical pastels mixed with cool purple undertones. Issue 5 gets a bit warmer and drier, with hues of cantaloupe and browns with a hint of amber yellow. As for the prints, our designer did a nice translation of the seasonal tie-dye print that was very popular on the catwalk. Next to the tie-dye print, we offer a soft floral print. For delivery 5, we looked at the retro patterns and gave them a modern touch. The floral print in this delivery is one with the statement. It is bold and contains several colors.

Image: YAYA

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