Why hasn’t Prime Minister Modi taken a single press conference in 8 years, and why isn’t the press taking this message home?

The question is, if Modi isn’t talking one-on-one with the press, what’s stopping him from reminding him of the offense every day? By displaying a ‘clock’, updated daily, on the TV screen which records the number of days Modi has not held a press conference!

Of course, the number will remain stuck at “zero”. But that’s not the point. The fact is that the BJP and Modi should see the “zero” every day of the year, week after week, month after month, year after year.

It will be an ‘in your face’ challenge for Modi, a constant reminder that he is afraid to face the press, and why, for what? Something like the “population clock” at AIIMS Crossing in New Delhi. Is it still there, a ticking time bomb, seconds and minutes ticking by?

The “No Modi Press Meet” signage on every TV screen, looping behind the pretty anchor, should remind Modi with every passing minute that he is afraid to face the press! Fear of uncomfortable questions!

People are tired of Modi’s weekly ‘Man Ki Baat’. Even 10 and 12 year olds know they are being staged, and anyone can walk away if no one is physically present to question the “Baat”.

The reality is that Modi will not change. But action is needed. Television media should intervene. Right after Modi finishes with his ‘Man ki Baat’, there should be an analysis of everything he said. You have to ask him questions. He should be asked about the background of his ‘Man Ki Baat’ with the studio audience.

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