State of press freedom in Turkey: 1 journalist arrested, 3 assaulted in September


“The free press cannot be silenced!”

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The Tigris-Euphrates Journalists Association (DFG) released its September report on violations of journalists’ rights.

The report showed that five journalists were arrested, one journalist was arrested and three journalists were assaulted in September 2021. While journalists were prevented from following the news in 15 incidents, six journalists were subjected to assault. ‘an investigation and 7 were tried.

Noting that journalists have certain rights and a chance to live even in countries with a minimum of freedom, the DFG expressed concerns that this is not the case in Turkey: “Obliged to transmit the truth to people, journalists face various obstacles while fulfilling this duty. Each month, we prepare our report dreaming of a country where the pressure and obstacles against journalists diminish or disappear completely; however, with each new report, we unfortunately see that the situation is getting worse by the month. “

Referring to new legal amendments about to worsen press censorship, the report said: “We know very well what kind of destruction will be caused in this area by the motion which should be brought to the agenda. parliamentary and contains provisions on digital media. With the previous legal provisions, journalists and the media have remained almost speechless. The new provision to be introduced will further aggravate the situation. “

“The most striking violation: censorship”

DFG shared the following findings in its report:

  • It was not until September that 50 journalists appeared before the judge and were tried on the basis of their news and thoughts. Six of them were sentenced to 27 years and 3 months in prison. However, the most striking violations in September were censorship practices.
  • In particular, the fines imposed by the Supreme Council of Radio and Television (RTÃœK) and the Press Advertising Institution (BÄ°K), which function as censorship committees, on the media prove to what extent censorship has been implemented.
  • Likewise, the fines imposed by the competent courts on certain information portals in the form of blocking access have violated rights and freedoms. Of the 9 websites facing access blocks, JinNews, Turkey’s only women’s news agency, has faced five access blocks, showing just how serious this situation is.
  • Additionally, we can see that websites that are not directly closed are trying to silence themselves with access blocks to their news.

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State of pressure on journalists

Noting that there are still several journalists behind bars and that they are getting their share of the rights violations taking place here, the DFG called for an end to the violations faced by jailed journalists.

The report states that as of October 5, the number of journalists arrested was 63 in Turkey. The report said that in September 2021, five journalists were arrested, one journalist was arrested, three journalists were assaulted, journalists were prevented from following the news in 15 incidents, six journalists were subjected to ” an investigation, seven journalists were prosecuted, six journalists were sentenced to 27 years, 3 months in prison, 50 journalists were still on trial in 33 cases, two journalists suffered violations of their rights in prison , the public announcements of three newspapers were cut for 100 days, RTÃœK imposed seven fines on six channels, access blocks were imposed on 37 websites, including 28 news sites, and seven journalists were sacked .

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