SCAD Fall 2021 LED Lightboxes, Peng Zhou (artist)


LED screens showcasing the work of SCAD alumni and professors to debut on September 1

ATLANTA – AUGUST 31, 2021 – Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) is proud to launch the latest selection of alumni and faculty art to be displayed on state-of-the-art LED screens on the facade of the university’s flagship campus on Peachtree Street, to be unveiled in September 1. The dynamic display of public art presented by SCAD celebrates the creativity and ingenuity of SCAD’s talented network of visionaries aiming to surprise and inspire the community in the heart of Midtown, the premier neighborhood of the city’s arts and entertainment.

For over fifteen years, SCAD has been a visionary leader and an integral part of the Atlanta arts community. SCAD’s Peachtree Street Art Showcase began in 2011 with the installation of lightboxes that showcased remarkable works commissioned from more than 40 former artists from SCAD’s top-ranked degree programs, including the beautiful -arts, photography, printmaking, animation, illustration, among others. In 2020, SCAD Atlanta further elevated the front of the building to include bright, vivid and energy-efficient LED displays to enable a 24-hour digital rotating exhibit.

To debut on September 1, the prominent SCAD Atlanta LED screens will feature the work of an extremely talented roster of SCAD alumni and artist teachers, including: Charles Clary (MFA, painting 2009); Honor Bowman (Chair, SCAD Beaux-Arts and MFA, painting, 2014); Michael James O’Brien (President, SCAD Photography); Peng Zhou (MFA, photography); and Todd McCutheon (MFA, painting, 2001).

“For me, still life – still life – has always been as much about the absence as it is about the presence,” said Michael James O’Brien, chair of the photography department at SCAD and featured artist of the LED showcase at the SCAD. “This series is inspired by the great Vanitas paintings of Northern Europe from the 1600s and the essence of carpe diem, time passing. It is an honor for my work to be featured in this special installation, and a testament to SCAD’s legacy of bringing public art to the community.

SCAD’s Peachtree Street public art installation further illustrates SCAD’s position as a leader and champion of the city’s vibrant art scene, including initiatives and exhibits at the SCAD FASH Museum of Fashion and Film; iconic events and festivals such as SCAD TV festival, SCAD AnimationFest, SCADstyle, SCAD Open Studio; as well as the services of the university’s art consultancy and curatorial platform, SCAD Art Sales.

SCAD’s LED art installation will be on view from September 1 at 1600 Peachtree Street NW. SCAD is honored to present this free and accessible exhibition in Atlanta.


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