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KARACHI: Reporters Without Borders (RSF) and the well-known media’s Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ) have announced this year’s winners of their respective press freedom awards.

In a statement, RSF said it awarded its press freedom awards to Chinese journalist Zhang Zhan in the courage category, Palestinian journalist Majdoleen Hassona in the independence category and the Pegasus Project in the impact category.

According to the RSF press release, six journalists and six media outlets from 11 countries were nominated for the awards.

CPJ, meanwhile, paid tribute to courageous journalists from Guatemala, Mozambique and Myanmar by presenting the 2021 CPJ International Press Freedom Awards in New York. CPJ also honored Hong Kong media entrepreneur Jimmy Lai with its 2021 Gwen Ifill Press Freedom Award.

A CPJ statement said the recipients of its awards included Mozambican investigative journalist Matías Guente, Guatemalan radio journalist Anastasia Mejía Tiriquiz and Burma journalist and Democratic Voice of Burma founder Aye Chan Naing.

Matías Guente received her award from CNN correspondent Nima Elbagir, Aye Chan Naing from Ed Yong from The Atlantic and Anastasia Mejía Tiriquiz from New York Times Magazine reporter Nikole Hannah-Jones.

Jailed Hong Kong media entrepreneur Jimmy Lai received this year’s Gwen Ifill Press Freedom Award for his sustained commitment to a free press as a cornerstone of democracy. Journalist Amanda Bennett, former director of Voice of America, interviewed Lai’s son Sebastien Lai, who told the story of his father’s courage in the face of the authorities’ crackdown, the CPJ statement added.

Posted in Dawn, le 21 November 2021

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