Republic TV founder Arnab Goswami hits back at Indian Express over his stance on press freedom

Republic TV founder Arnab Goswami has slammed The Indian Express newspaper for its stance on freedom of speech following controversy surrounding The Wire’s false Meta reporting.

Indian Express recently wrote a scathing op-ed on The Wire scandal after the news portal was forced to retract its false stories on Meta and issue a public apology. Title Indian Express editorial on The Wire’s story and the raids: A tale of two, The Indian Express reported on Goswami’s arrest by Uddhav Thackeray’s government two years ago.

He wrote in his op-ed: “Two years ago, on the eve of a Shiv Sena-NCP-Congress dispensation in Maharashtra, police raided the home of TV presenter Arnab Goswami after the government reopened an old case – the arrest show was the message. Two months ago, the income tax department that reports to the BJP-run center raided the Center for Policy Research, one of the country’s most respected public policy think tanks, and l ‘IPSMF, a foundation that supports independent digital media platforms. The police and agencies like the IT department, ED, and CBI sometimes act in concert to restrain and intimidate. It is in this context – of a prisoner-free government and a police satisfied with the FIR – that The Wire, a news site, made a serious mistake. And, thereafter, complacency continues to aggravate it.

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Taking a dig at the Indian Express stand, Republic TV, owned by Arnab Goswami, posted a series of tweets as she took snaps at the newspaper. Republic TV wrote: “Interesting that @IndianExpress has ‘condemned’ an action against our editor 2 years after Uddhav gov’t arrested him in biggest conspiracy against media. Ironic that the same portal published stories with general “source-based” quotes from Param Bir cops.

He added: “Did @IndianExpress forget that he was the one running the screaming headlines of all Uddhav Govt fabrications against the Republic and our editor? Defending press freedom cannot be a casual, timely and selective cause, as it has become for Lutyens Media.

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“The public record will remind @IndianExpress that they nearly justified Arnab’s arrest in a case which the Supreme Court later called militarization of the state apparatus. They wrote, ‘Arnab Goswami arrested : For Naik’s family, the arrests are ‘the first step in the battle for justice’ We even had to report to @IndianExpress
with a legal notice explaining how they acted as judge, jury and executioner in violation of journalistic ethics and absolute facts while reporting the TRP case. The hypocrisy on press freedom is the built-in rot in Indian media now and calls for soul-searching,” he wrote in his later tweets.

Republic TV further added that “the truth has triumphed in this case, and in any case, a section of the Indian media must do some soul-searching on their role as the true fourth pillar of Indian democracy – regardless of ideologies, political opinions and their notions of what is “liberal”.

In January last year, Goswami served legal notice on The Indian Express for bringing a report on the Mumbai Police indictment in the TRP Scam case. In his legal notice sent by law firm Phoenix Legal, Goswami expressed his disappointment accusing the Indian Express of having “acted as judge, jury and executioner in violation of all journalistic ethics and against well-established law”. .

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