Press Release: Rolling Stone article highlights broken whistleblower system that has failed truth tellers like Kevin Chmielewski


October 14, 2021

Rolling Stone article sheds light on broken whistleblower system that has failed truth tellers like Kevin Chmielewski

For the first time, Kevin Chmielewski, deputy chief of staff to former EPA administrator Scott Pruitt, who has become a whistleblower, shares his entire whistleblower saga.

WASHINGTON – Kevin Chmielewski, a client of the Government Accountability Project, became a whistleblower as deputy chief of staff to former Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) administrator Scott Pruitt. Chmielewski’s denunciation ultimately led to Pruitt’s resignation. But while Pruitt remains a lawyer in good standing three years later, Chmielewski has seen his life fall apart. Today, Chmielewski first shared his full story in Rolling Stone.

Four years ago, the White House tasked Chmielewski with monitoring Pruitt. Chmielewski quickly witnessed a myriad of misconduct – from first-class taxpayer-funded thefts to soundproof phone booths and armored SUVs – and was appalled. Fearing that Pruitt’s actions could put the agency at risk, Chmielewski made dozens of disclosures to officials in the EPA, the White House and other parts of the administration. Unreported until today, Chmielewski also revealed that Pruitt has repeatedly refused to accept a classified briefing on a national security matter.

Chmielewski suffered terrible retaliation in the wake of his disclosures, losing his job and emptying his savings accounts to support his family. As he told Rolling Stone, for the past three years his family has lived paycheck to paycheck as he did odd jobs and his wife re-entered the workforce. A top politician whistleblower, Chmielewski is excluded from the anti-retaliation provisions of the Whistleblower Protection Act, but the Government Accountability Project has filed a lawsuit against the EPA for violating his First Amendment rights. The Trump administration has filed a complaint and the Biden administration continues its fight.

Chmielewski’s Senior Counsel, Samantha Feinstein of the Government Accountability Project, said:

“Kevin has a heart of gold and a strong moral compass that makes him want to right the wrongs. He did the right thing and suffered from it. The government took advantage of his information, the public took advantage of his information, but he was left out. And our taxpayers’ money is still spent by the government to defend its cause. “

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