Press release distribution services: unleashing the power of the media gained in 2022

Press release distribution services date back to 1906 when it was first used by Ivy Lee. They have since morphed into an integral part of publishing online content.

For most businesses, the media is a game of waiting, while for the smartest, the media is a game of intentions. If you are trying to position your business for consistent media coverage in 2022, you should consider using press releases as one of your marketing strategies.

For most small business owners, learning how to write a press release can be out of their league, and as such, they tend to outsource it to content writers who are knowledgeable and experienced in writing press releases. Press.

Using templates like one of the many NewswireJet press release formats can help save the day. A well-written press release should include the Who, why, where, when and what of the press release.

The WHO press release focuses on the intended audience for the press release. WHO is also covering the company that issued the press release. The combination of these two endpoints (the business and the public) creates a complete communication channel and an easy-to-understand flow in the press release.

The WHY, where, who and what

This is the story behind the press release and what makes the press release important. This aims to communicate the essence of the press release and the message intended by the company. This aspect of the press release is useful for capturing and engaging the reader’s attention as they read the press release. Suppose people have a hard time understanding the essence of a press release.

You must include the OR as well as it shows the location of an event or where the report took place. For an event press release, it is fundamental to include the O in the press release as this will include the location of the event and the time of the event, which covers the WHEN.

The WHO portion of the press release covers the target audience and the company issuing the press release. It is essential to have a transparent synchronization between the press release and the audience for effective communication. Reviewing a sample press release can help figure out how to achieve this. When you read other press releases, you will know how to best structure this section of your PR for optimal results. You need to understand your audience and find a press release angle that resonates with them.

The importance of issuing press releases in 2022

2020 has been a difficult year for everyone, and so far many companies are still struggling to find their place. Regardless of the stage of starting a business, marketing will always be a key factor in achieving the goals set, without excluding press releases.

While most people consider press releases to be a technical buzzword for public relations only, press release distribution is an effective tool used by businesses large and small to amplify their brand and build countless fingerprints on the Internet. If you run a local business, you can use press release distribution to improve your local citation.

Some press release distribution companies may allow you to add your GMB card as an embedded file in the press release. The impact of its strategy is multidimensional as it will give your website more link diversity and help improve your local ranking. With over 70% of purchases made on the internet, every business owner should embrace using Google My Business Profiles when submitting a press release.

How to find a reliable press release distribution company

Like many others, you would first want to do some online research or get recommendations from friends who use press release distribution in their marketing mix. Checking online can help you make a decision by looking at other people’s experiences with different press release services.

When you’re satisfied, you can go ahead with them and submit the written press release, and they’ll take it from there.

You can look for a mix of cost and efficiency, but it’s best to go for quality first. When you find a press release offering top quality like at a reasonable price, you take full advantage and get your press release out. If you plan to send out a press release every month, it’s best to purchase a monthly plan to help you save on each press release.

Calendar of press releases

Most companies will issue your press release within 6 hours, as speed can be critical when issuing a time-limited press release. It is best to submit the press release on time so that the service provider can have enough time to review it and possibly send it back to you for necessary corrections. Submitting your press release on time also gives you the opportunity to proofread it to be sure there are no errors in the press release. As a general rule, it is best to submit your press release 48 hours before the deadline.


Distributing press releases is a great way to gain authority and generate massive brand recognition for your business. If you haven’t yet introduced press release distribution into your marketing mix, now is the time to get started and take your brand awareness to the next level.

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