Press freedom is important for good governance and development – ​​Diri

Duoie Diri

Aug. 21 (THEWILL) – Bayelsa State Governor Douye Diri has said there is a complex link between a free press and good governance and the development of any society.

Diri said this last Thursday at Government House, Yenagoa during the courtesy visit of the Director General of the Federal Radio Corporation of Nigeria (FRCN), Dr. Mansur Liman.

He pointed out that in recognition of the important role of the media, his administration ensured that the state press operated without interference.

The governor noted that the media had a responsibility to keep the government on its toes, especially through balanced reporting and constructive criticism.

Diri said his administration also understands that partnering with the media goes a long way rather than gagging it.

While acknowledging Radio Nigeria’s impact and contribution to national development through quality broadcasting, he said his government held the FRCN in high esteem, describing it as national pride.

The state helmsman said previous administrations in the state had a good relationship with the broadcaster over the years and noted that his government would be no different as it contributed immensely to the positive image of State.

He said, “For us, the press is a place that doesn’t need any interference from the government. We need an open, free and responsible press because that’s the only way to keep the government on its toes and be able to hear the other side of what it might not want to hear .

“No government can claim to be perfect, no matter how hard you work. Yes, we are working very hard to complete various empowerment projects and programs that we have embarked on. But you will always find flaws. And who are the ones who find the flaws? It’s still the press.

“So if we have a responsible press that is not sarcastic, that is not vindictive, I would like to continue to work with that press that will keep the government on their toes at all times.

“Radio Nigeria is a national pride. I believe it is indeed a voice of the people and an instrument of unity in this country.

At the request of the DG of FRCN for support from the state government to locate the station’s zonal office in Yenagoa in accordance with the organization’s original policy, Governor Diri tasked the Commissioner for Guidance and the information strategy to ensure the smooth move from the office to the state capital.

He also asked the commissioner to ensure that the station’s signal strength problem is solved by mounting its antenna on the tower of the recently built Ernest Ikoli media complex.

Speaking earlier, Dr Mansur Liman thanked the state government for helping his Creek FM station in many ways, including providing temporary office space and setting up his antenna at the company’s compound. state broadcasting.

He also praised the governor for building the iconic Ernest Ikoli media complex for the state’s three media outlets, describing it as an unusual gift to the press.

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