Press conference – The Conference on the Future of Europe concludes its work

On Europe Day, the Presidents of the European Parliament, Commission and Council received the final report with proposals for EU reform.

During a closing ceremony today in Strasbourg, the President of the European Parliament, Roberta Metsola, on behalf of the Presidency of the Council, President Emmanuel Macron, and the President of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, received from the co-chairs of the conference executive committee the latest report on the results of the conference.

This unprecedented year-long journey of discussions, debates and collaboration between citizens and politicians resulted in a report centered on 49 proposals comprising concrete objectives and more than 320 measures for the EU institutions to follow under nine themes. : climate change and the environment; health; a stronger economy, social justice and jobs; the EU in the world; values ​​and rights, rule of law, security, digital transformation, European democracy, migration, education, culture, youth and sport. The proposals are based on recommendations made by citizens who have come together in European Citizens’ Panels, National Citizens’ Panels and contributed their ideas to the multilingual digital platform.

Citizens – especially young people – are at the heart of our vision for the future of Europe. They directly shaped the outcomes of the Conference. We are at a decisive moment in European integration and no suggestion of change should be ruled out. We must not be afraid to unleash the power of Europe to improve people’s lives.

— Roberta Metsola, President of the European Parliament

Through the crises that we have gone through collectively in recent years, Europe has changed. We must continue this development and ensure that the Union lives up to the aspirations and expectations expressed by the citizens. The Conference on the Future of Europe, which we are closing today, is a unique exercise and unprecedented in its scope, a breath of fresh air for our continent. Its conclusions constitute a very rich source of proposals, which each institution must examine within the framework of its competences. The Council will have the opportunity to express itself in the coming weeks. As this exercise draws to a close under the French Presidency, I thank the previous Presidencies for their commitment and look forward to transmitting the follow-up to be given to the conclusions of the Conference to the Czech and Swedish Presidencies.

— Emmanuel Macron, French President

Democracy, peace, individual and economic freedom. This is what Europe stands for today as war rages on our continent once again. This is at the heart of the Conference on the Future of Europe. The European Union must continue to meet the expectations of European citizens. Today, their message was heard loud and clear. And now it’s time to deliver.

— Ursula von der Leyen, President of the European Commission

Over the past year, through a multitude of events and discussions organized across the EU, national and European citizens’ panels, plenary meetings as well as exchanges on the dedicated multilingual digital platform, the conference has become a real open forum to discuss the Europe we want to experience. It has enabled a transparent, inclusive and structured debate with European citizens on issues that are important to them and to their future.

Next steps

The three institutions will now examine how to effectively follow up on these proposals, each within its area of ​​competence and in compliance with the Treaties.
A feedback event will be held to inform citizens in fall 2022.


The Conference on the Future of Europe was a new and innovative process, a bottom-up exercise allowing Europeans to express themselves on what they expect from the European Union. European citizens of different geographical origins, genders, ages, socio-economic backgrounds and/or educational levels took part in the Conference, with young Europeans playing a central role.

Last revised May 9, 2022

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