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Written by Sammy Jacobs (@Hoosier_Huddle)

Indiana head coach Tom Allen stepped onto the podium Monday to brief the media on IU’s loss to Minnesota, injury news and a preview of the Old Oaken Bucket Game against Purdue.



  • “I’m trying to get Tiawan Mullen back. He trained this weekend. Will be practicing tomorrow. We’ll see how it goes. We’ll know more after that. Same with Stephen Carr, James Miller, trying to recover those guys Obviously the quarterfinals too Obviously this is our last week It’s now or never in that regard I’m still working with these guys to see where they are at.

    Also Josh Sanguinetti, another one we worked to recover.

Players of the week:

  • Offensive Scout Team: Zack Merrill and James Bomba

  • Defensive Scout Team: Andrew Turvy

  • Scout Team of Special Teams: Sam Daugstrup

Transfer portal:

Tom Allen Quotes

Allen opened as always with an opening statement:

“I just want to start by saying that we are excited about this week, Old Oaken Bucket week for our schedule and a huge game for all of our players, our fans, our university and for our state. That’s going to be the goal of everything we do this week and prepare our guys, the guys who’ve come out, to try to get as many guys back as possible, to allow us to be our best in West Lafayette on Saturday.

I mean that about the game. I appreciate that our kids continue to work hard in training. I’m just doing a great job for us. Defensive Scouts Player of the Week was Andrew Turvy, Offensive Scouts Player of the Week Zack Merrill and James Bomba, Special Teams Scout was Sam Daugstrup.

The guys continue to work hard. Really proud of our guys who came back yesterday and started the day. Obviously hurt and dejected, frustrated, but at the same time stay together. I just talked to our weight training staff, how they attacked the weight room, everything we’re trying to do.

I just want to finish strong. I still have a week together for the 2021 season. Been very difficult obviously, all things there. At the same time a special group of guys, appreciate them, love them. I want to finish strong with these guys and make the night we can to keep the bucket.

Allen gave a detailed injury update as the Hoosiers try to get some players back:

“Yes, I’m trying to get Tiawan Mullen back. He trained this weekend. Will be practicing tomorrow. We’ll see how it goes. We’ll know more after that. Same with Stephen Carr, James Miller, trying to get these guys back. Obviously the quarters too. Obviously, this is our last week. It’s now or never in this regard. I’m still working with these guys to see where they’re at.

Also Josh Sanguinetti, another one we worked to recover. These guys I mentioned have all been staples of our squad in the past, we need to get them if we can. They work hard to make it happen with our training staff, our strength staff, everyone involved.

Apart from that, you can ask all the guys in particular. Basically everyone who came out is trying to get them back. Some guys continued to work. It doesn’t look promising. Others do. Each guy attacks as best he can, trying to get out on the first team. “

Allen answered questions about the conversations he will have with the players and whether or not they are coming back:

“First of all, open and honest. From our guys on our team, like I said, it’s a very unique dynamic more than ever because a lot of the guys who come to the end, they’ve graduated, can have more years to live. These discussions, some have started, others later after this weekend. Just so they can have an honest conversation about their position with us, which they think too.

I think the biggest key is an open and honest dialogue between the two parties. For me, it’s about making sure we have the guys who are all here and want to be a part of this, who want to help us through the adversity that we’ve been through, help us get back to where we want to be. to be.

Obviously, it hasn’t come close to a season that we expected or wanted, but here we are. We can’t sit here and make excuses or talk about this or that. It’s about what we do to build the future. That’s all about the players we attract to come here and those who choose to either graduate and move on or just move on or how it works for them.

Like I said, my biggest thing is that I want guys who want to be here. This is the main objective. It’s about finding guys who match us that we would add to both high school squad from a transfer situation, well guys who want to help us keep building towards our goal of winning the championship. Big Ten. “

Allen spoke about the decline in defense since the start of the season so far:

“Very proud of the guys who are still fighting every day, who are still healthy to be able to be there, to fight to stay there. The depth has become a huge problem. I’m going to call it that, playing way too many snaps, which led to even more fatigue later in the game, more mistakes. It’s just a little worn out physically and mentally.

It’s been frustrating for me because I know how hard the guys play, how hard they work every week. This is a set of unfortunate circumstances. You look at our list, where we are now, depending on how we started.

Without a doubt, football is a numbers game, always has been, always will be. That’s why they have sports classes in high school, things work the way they are at the division level. When you have more guys who are bigger, faster, stronger who can play, that’s what you want.

Sadly as it came to the end here we were wiped out in places it took its toll. Unfortunately, this is where we are. I have to fight, find ways to perform better in critical moments. I thought there were things even in the game last week where the third downs didn’t go off the pitch, the third and the long ones, we really needed that. Breakdowns in guys who are playing, again, who are not quite ready to play yet. But they have to be there because of the situation we’re in.

So that’s it. This is what we have to do. We have to find ways to prepare these guys for them to perform. It’s not for lack of effort or preparation with our hard working guys. We’re just trying to keep things as simple as possible so that these younger guys can still run and play and try to get some of these older guys off the field a little bit earlier in the game, not make them play. at each snap. .

This is where we are. It’s been frustrating because I know it’s a special group of guys who I think have a lot of good players there. I know they are also frustrated.

But the key is they are going to fight this week, work really hard, try to find a way to get some of these guys back, even a guy or two would help, it would be huge to help us in that area, especially in the secondary, then some depth to linebacker.

I’m just trying to keep doing whatever we can to fight whatever we’re going through and help our guys have another chance to play together and do something special.

Allen got a chance to reassess Saturday’s offense, here’s what he saw:

“I think a lot of them were just the quarterback to me who made the decision to execute rather than pitch it. Whether or not that is the right decision is how we would say it the next time we do it, it is the decision we think you should make. Often it was decisions to put it away and run it.

I think that’s where we grew in that confidence to start football. You have to start football. Yes, there is no doubt that you want to put the defense in conflict, to get them to give us the correct reading. When you give the player the chance to do this read, you just can’t go down and say, Hey. You have to give him that freedom to do this reading, right?

We need to do better readings. We have to be able to know when to throw it, when not to throw it, when to throw it. Just a process of growth that we are going through. I know we all know we have to start football. For me, that’s a big part of it. We need to be able to improve this week, work hard on it.

We did a lot of good things in training about it, but it needs to be transferred to the game. I didn’t do it on Saturday. At least with Donovan since he’s been playing. We have to improve ourselves in this. It’s just that every day is precious to him, every meeting, every rep, every training rep, every mental rep, whatever we do to get him to develop as a quarterback in this program.

That’s the ultimate goal, it’s to be able to every time he does what he does, every season he is in, whether it’s spring, off-season, during the season, whether it’s is growth, growth continues. I know it’s not always like that, it’s never like that. But you have to be able to move that trajectory in the right direction.

For me, it is a teaching based on that, the cinema. I attended these meetings with him to review the decisions that are happening in the game to try to make better ones next week. That’s the whole point.

He’s young. We have to find a way as a team to make it as easy as possible to help them be successful on match day.

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