Noem speaks about the trans sports bill and abortion restrictions at a legislative press conference

SIOUX FALLS, SD (Dakota News Now) — At Thursday morning’s Democratic/Republican Legislative Leadership Conference, Governor Kristi Noem comments on a variety of topics.

Noem spoke about his bill banning transgender girls from playing on women’s sports teams, reiterating his belief that the bill is about “fairness”. When asked what she would say to a trans person, she replied that “this bill refers to biological sex”. Noem then went on to say that South Dakota’s trans youth population is encouraged to participate in other extracurricular activities such as educational clubs and debates, where gender does not matter.

Regarding the stalled abortion restrictions, Noem says she still believes telemedicine is harmful to women and “will continue to press laws to make it part of state law.” .

On January 25, Noem posted the following tweet:

A reporter from the University of South Dakota asked during the briefing what she meant in her second sentence. Noem responded by saying that she was not trying to dismantle the diversity centers, but was trying to broaden the scope of diversity by saying “we are all equal” at the “Opportunity for All” centers.

Regarding the education system, Noem told reporters that she had requested $30 million to support an education program that would allow high school students to take a year of college courses in cybersecurity. She also says that students have the freedom to pray at any time in school.

With the Sunshine Initiative, she says she tries to keep the public as informed as possible by posting everything online except personal information that she is not authorized to divulge.

Noem expresses his views on whether a company can require its employees to be vaccinated saying that companies must “grant the medical and religious exemptions which have long been the norm in the country and which are appropriate and which add immunity to exemptions… This gives the employee an opportunity to have exemptions that will be discussed and debated by these committees.

Regarding Ravnsborg’s impeachment, Noem says she will remain silent until the process is complete.

Asked about the 2020 presidential elections, Noem says she thinks the electoral process has been violated and “things have happened that we wouldn’t consider fair.” However, she says there is no evidence to prove that the election results would have been different under different circumstances. She said she does not deny that President Biden is the president.

As for Custer State Park, Noem thinks it should be “enjoyed by everyone.” A bill proposed by Noem to add campgrounds to the park is currently receiving backlash in the legislature.

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