“It got stuck in my throat”

an official of a province of Canada He had an accident in the middle of the press conference, because of which he had to interrupt his speech. The politician swallowed a bee that accidentally entered his mouth and a media-captured video that was on the cover quickly went viral on social media.

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This is Douglas Robert Ford, Premier of Ontario. The politician was answering questions from journalists when a bee entered his mouth. “Oh my god, I just swallowed a bee,” she said in surprise.

Ford tried to remove it, but was unsuccessful and eventually swallowed it. “Give me a second,” he asked the attendees, as he had to drink some water to relieve the sensation, and waved that everything was fine.

“I think that’s how it’s buzzing here right now,” the politician said, pointing to the stomach area. And he added to his laughter and that of the audience: “If it was a movie, they would play it again and again.”

Reporters asked him if he needed a few seconds to recover, but the politician replied: “No, it’s fine, just a bee stuck in my throat.”

The moment was broadcast live by some outlets covering the incident and quickly went viral on social media, and crossed the country’s borders.

Canadian columnist and TV host Brian Lilly also shared the clip on his Twitter account. “Watch Ontario Premier Ford swallow a bee on TV during a press conference,” he wrote. The post crossed 114,000 likes and gained around 1800 likes.

Canadian columnist and TV host Brian Lilly also shared the clip on his Twitter account. , Twitter: @brianlilley

Social media users wanted the Prime Minister to be healthy after the incident, as it was suggested he might be allergic. Although they are also satisfied with the material. “Hope you’re doing well,” said one. He added: “Although I haven’t laughed so hard in a long time.” “Now Bee will lead Ontario,” joked the others.

Politicians often give speeches to the press and are exposed to events unfolding there and recorded by more than one camera. This recently happened to Colombian President Gustavo Petro and the awkward moment has gone viral.

The president only confused one word during his speech, but this led to an error that resulted in a difference in meaning. It was a speech that the progressive president offered to protect peace and life as a direction to his management, but it was missed.

A Canadian politician swallowed a bee during a press conference: "It got stuck in my throat"

Petro spoke about the potential of young people and children in quality education for the benefit of all. “Young people have the potential for sex,” he said, immediately correcting himself: “accessible.” And he laughed and said, “Well, too. For education”, which even made the assistants to the press conference laugh.

Source: Argentina/GDA. The “Nation”

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