Iranian journalist tops ’10 most urgent cases’ list for press freedom



Iranian authorities executed journalist Zam by hanging in December 2020 after sentencing him to death on anti-state charges for his coverage of the 2017 protests. Intelligence agents from the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) reported lured Zam out of his exile in Iraq, where he was kidnapped in 2019 and taken to Iran.

2. Tara Singh Hayer (Canada)

Hayer, editor of the Indo-Canadian Times, Canada’s largest and longest-running Punjabi weekly, was shot dead in his garage in Vancouver in 1998. Ten years earlier he had been partially paralyzed and confined to a wheelchair afterward. an assassination attempt. Over the past few months, Hayer has let police know that he has received several threats.

3. Valério Luiz de Oliveira (Brazil)

Sports journalist and Radio Jornal commentator was killed in July 2012 after being shot four times by an unidentified gunman on a motorcycle. The trials of the alleged perpetrators have been repeatedly delayed and were suspended in 2020, with no hearing date set.

4. Regina Martínez Pérez (Mexico)

Martínez, a veteran journalist for the national magazine Proceso, known for her in-depth reporting on drug cartels and the links between organized crime and government officials, was killed in 2012 after covering several high-profile arrests. A 2021 report from A Safer World For The Truth found strong indications of obstruction of justice by local authorities in his case.

5. Nikolai Andrushchenko (Russia)

Veteran journalist Andrushchenko died in 2017 from injuries sustained during a beating of unknown assailants, and the investigation has made little progress. He was known for his criticism of President Vladimir Putin and his investigative reports alleging corruption and human rights abuses. He had suffered similar attacks in the past.

6. Sardasht osman (Iraq)

Osman, a contributor to several independent news sites, was found shot dead in 2010. Prior to his assassination, he had received telephone threats telling him to stop writing about the Kurdistan regional government. Authorities claim he was killed by a member of the extremist group Ansar al-Islam; however, CPJ and other news groups said the report lacked credibility.

7. Ahmed Hussein Suale Divela (Ghana)

Divela, a member of the investigative newspaper Tiger Eye Private Investigations, where he covered topics such as sport, corruption and human rights, was shot dead by two unidentified men on a motorcycle in 2019. Divela had told CPJ in 2018 that people tried to attack him and he feared for his life after a politician made comments about him on television.

8. Sisay Fida (Ethiopia)

Sisay, coordinator and reporter for the Oromia Broadcasting Network, was on his way home from a wedding when he was shot and killed in May this year. There has been little progress in his case, and his colleagues believe he was murdered in retaliation for his reporting.

9. Gauri Lankesh (India)

Unidentified assailants shot dead Lankesh outside her home in Bangalore in 2017, as she returned from work. Lankesh published and edited Gauri Lankesh Patrike, a weekly Kannada-language tabloid known for its critiques of right-wing and establishment extremism. Although people suspected of being linked to his murder have been arrested, impunity remains.

ten. Sagal Osman salad (Somalia)

A college student and producer of a children’s program on public radio station Mogadishu, Osman was killed in 2016. She was leaving campus when three gunmen shot her in the head. Somalia ranks worst among countries for impunity for killings of journalists.


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