Groves Closures, York: Results of The Press Reader Survey



THE controversial closures of The Groves continue to divide residents, as The Press reader survey reveals.

The Groves is part of a low-traffic neighborhood trial introduced by York City Council last September, designed to promote road safety, better air quality and reduce traffic.

We asked you “Are you for or against the closure?” – and 1,272 readers responded.

The results show that just over half of York residents – 51 percent – are “against” permanent closures.

Kath Marshall, a resident of Rawcliffe, believes the project “pushes traffic elsewhere, causing long delays”, especially on Lord Mayors Walk and Haxby Road.

While Steve Edison, who lives in Osbaldwick, said: “I argue that residential areas are places where everyone can have a good quality of life, but transportation in all its forms is essential to that quality of life. It is essential that York Council considers all residents and the economy of the city and plan accordingly.

“Time and time again, the Council behaves on an ad hoc basis. Like it or not, our way of life is due to a vibrant economy with well paying jobs. restricted access or low emission zone? ”

But, as we have seen throughout the trial, many people are relishing the positives, including the York Cycle campaign.

Audrey Atkinson, who lives at The Groves, told The Press: “I can now sit in my garden without the noise and the fumes. And the calm is wonderful – we now hear the birds!

“It was a mad rush – the roads weren’t made for the volume of traffic – and why should families put their children’s health at risk especially when the vast majority of them have no car ?!

“My only complaint would be the signage – too many people end up at the March St / Penley’s Grove St intersection and have no indication as to where to go. I saw two cars drive down Penley’s Grove St and then back up, knocking cyclists over their bikes. ”

This sentiment manifested itself in the poll and saw 46% of people support permanent closures.

Just to mix things up, we added another option – “I support the idea but I want changes made to the original plans” – and it won 2% of the vote.

Kevin McCarron, who lives in Park Grove, said the closures had “transformed” the area.

He explained, “First of all, this seems like a very unrepresentative poll: the Groves community versus all of York. safer environment in which to live.

“High speed and relentless traffic has been around for many decades. The Groves is a heritage area now with great potential for the lives of residents to expand into the community building and create safe streets where children can play and cyclists can feel safe.

“There had to be a resolute fight against vehicle dominance. Keep this successful program and expand it to other areas.”

Neil Ferris, Business Director at CYC, invites people to share their experiences and submit their thoughts via [email protected]

Mr. Ferris added, “All comments are welcome and considered as part of the ongoing experimental order process and future decision making. ”


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