Greek politicians bicker over expelled MEP who criticized government for press freedom –

EU lawmaker Giorgios Kyrtsos, who was expelled last week from the centre-right ruling New Democracy (European People’s Party), said Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis was more arrogant than Hungary’s Viktor Orbán.

On Friday, Mitsotakis kicked EU lawmaker Kyrtsos from its ranks over his criticism of the government over media freedom and the handling of the pandemic.

In an interview with Document On Sunday, Kyrtsos lashed out at Greece’s conservative prime minister, adding that the government had “disappeared” him from state television because of his critical approach.

“The practice of Mitsotakis goes beyond Orbán, because the Hungarian prime minister never thought of turning against members of his party,” Kyrtsos said.

“I will ask questions of the European Commission, I will publicize the subject and I will coordinate with other MPs who are worried about the situation in Greece at the expense of the media and the judiciary,” he said. he adds.

Meanwhile, the main opposition party Syriza (EU left) reacted strongly after Mitsotakis told the Munich security conference that a potential victory for the left would mean a “danger” for the democracy.

“In the EU they see everything from prosecuting judge-journalists to controlling the media […] Mitsotakis is panicked because our victory will be a return to democracy,” tweeted main opposition leader Alexis Tsipras.

Moreover, Manfred Weber, the leader of the EPP in the European Parliament, called Kyrtsos’ criticism “unfounded accusations” and announced that an internal procedure would be launched against him.

Mitsotakis has been a close ally of Weber, as he backed him for the presidency of the European Commission in 2019.


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