Governor Mike Parson signs 8 bills | Central Missouri News

JEFFERSON CITY – Governor Mike Parson has signed 8 laws into law. He also held a press conference from the Capitol to discuss his future legislation plans.

Parson signed Senate Bill 672 which extends the sunset on the Fast Track labor incentive program.

“This program is widely used by women, first-generation students and those seeking careers in health care, and we are grateful to the General Assembly for recognizing the importance of maintaining this program,” Parson said.

Senate Bill 672 helps encourage economic development in landlocked communities by creating a Targeted Improvement Area. It also creates a joint committee on rural economic development.

“We are proud that our Fast Track program has been expanded to continue to provide opportunities for adults to learn new skills and develop their career potential,” Parson said.

Governor Parson also signed HB 2400, SB 775, SB 683, and SB 681.

Bill 2400 amends the provisions relating to commercial entities. It allows taxpayers to remove state and local taxes they have paid from calculating their federal tax liability, aligning Missouri’s tax law with changes to the federal Tax Cuts and Tax Reductions Act. ‘use. It makes changes to the Missouri One Start program to help stay in Missouri.

“Every American should be free to peacefully support causes they believe in without fear of being harassed or intimidated,” said Zack Pruitt, senior adviser to Alliance Defending Freedom.

It also expands retirement opportunities and benefits plan options. Finally, he is revising a tax credit program to encourage research and development by Missouri companies.

Senate Bill 775 makes changes to court procedures. It protects the identity of victims of sexual assault and domestic violence in legal proceedings and records, amends the Sexual Assault Victims Bill of Rights. It also strengthens protections against the sexual exploitation of minors.

Senate Bill 683 changes child custody provisions. It exempts certain day camps and summer camps for school-aged children from child care licensing requirements and expands child care licensing capacity for licensed family child care homes. It is creating a new in-prison daycare program that will allow eligible pregnant offenders to keep their babies with them for up to 18 months while incarcerated.

Senate Bill 681 amends the education provisions. It allows schools to apply a waiver of certain legal requirements for the purpose of improving student readiness for post-secondary education, increasing teacher salaries, or improving teacher recruitment and professional development. It also expands opportunities for substitute teacher certification and creates a reading intervention program to ensure students don’t fall behind in reading. It also requires schools to post vital suicide information on the ID cards of students in grade seven or higher.

During signing ceremonies at the State Capitol, Governor Parson also signed HB 2485, HB 1738, and HB 2627.

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