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GANDAKI, November 1: The Chief Minister of Gandaki Province, Krishna Chandra Nepali Pokharel, today declared that the provincial government is committed to guaranteeing press freedom.

Declaring that the constitution guarantees full freedom of the press, Chief Minister Pokharel said the government cannot restrict press freedom under any pretext and that no act or law would be formulated to infringe the freedom of the press. the press. He was addressing an event organized in Pokhara by the Federation of Nepalese Kaski Journalists to exchange greetings on the occasion of festivals including Tihar and Chhath.

Chief Minister Pokharel said he was waiting for factual and authentic information regarding the work and activities of the government. Also speaking on the occasion, Finance Minister Ramji Baral Jiban said the country’s festivals will help bring people together.

Education, Culture, Science and Technology Minister Mekh Lal Shrestha said the government was active in rescuing and helping people affected by floods and landslides, as well as in the management of COVID-19 vaccines for the citizens of the province.

FNJ Kaski President Bimala Bhandari complained that although journalism is considered the nation’s fourth estate, journalists are still threatened and intimidated for writing news. She also stressed the need to create a safe environment for journalists to carry out their professional activities and that journalists should also write information based on fact and truth.

Krishna Thapa, Provincial Assembly Member and Chairman Kaski of CPN (UML), Krishna KC, Chairman of Nepalese Congress Kaski, Ram Prasad Timilsina, Deputy Chairman of JNF and Secretary Madhav Baral, among other speakers, were expressed their best wishes on the occasion of the Tihar and Chhath festivals.

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