FreedomConvoy2022 – 2nd press conference [VIDEO]

ER editor: This 2nd press conference, introduced by the lawyer of the convoy Keith Wilson, with Tamara Lich and security advisor Daniel Bullford, is very brief, dealing with trucker demands, safety issues, media misinformation, and the GoFundMe situation. It is around 16 minutes long, although the video is up to 45 minutes long. It should be noted that mainstream media have been banned from first press conference but are allowed in this one. They never fail to disappoint.

In what can only be described as an altercation after the press conference, Canadian MP Randy Hillier (photo below left) appears in the room. In an interview, he speaks out against the necessity of any Covid measures: “There were unknowns in March 2020, but there are no more unknowns.” ‘It will continue. This is what the political class must realize. Dr. Paul Alexander (photo below right) is also present as a scientific and medical adviser. He states that there is no need for warrants as there is no difference between vaccinated and unvaccinated. “It’s time for society to open up.” Data from several countries, he says, shows those vaccinated are at risk of “super infections”, which can transmit the virus. Therefore, it is wrong to restrict entry to unvaccinated truckers. “It’s the data, it’s the science.” “The warrants have no medical, scientific basis.” “The pandemic is over, it’s over. Omicron told you that. “It’s time to declare the end of the pandemic and let people get on with their lives.” Dr. Alexander talks about VAERS (US) and Eudravigilance (EU) statistics on deaths and adverse events after vaccination, noting that only 1-10% of them are reported.

Shockingly, a segment of the invited mainstream media (CTV, CBC and Global) has no interest in hearing official medical and scientific information such as that which Dr. Alexander delivers in a post-press conference interview. . Once he starts talking, they walk away.

Readers may be interested in this recent report by Keean Bexte from Counter Signal, regarding trucker safety adviser Daniel Bullford, who was formerly part of Trudeau’s sniper team. He was fired for refusing vaccination. See


  • Keith Wilson, lawyer at the Justice Center for Constitutional Liberties: A team of lawyers is on the ground in Ottawa to assist FreedomConvoy2022 truckers with all their legal needs. He introduces the participants. Any questions at the end will be directed to him regarding the GoFundMe issue.
  • Tamara Lich: this protest is the result of federal government restrictions on truckers’ freedoms. Ordinary people are fed up with the restrictions and mandates placed on their lives. Today, Sweden, Denmark, Switzerland, Ireland, the UK, Norway and Finland have all removed restrictions. This is what we are asking of the Canadian government and of governments at all levels. This manifestation will continue until we see this happen. Saskatchewan Premier Scott Moe has taken the lead on this file. No one at any level of government spoke to us; meanwhile, we are vilified in the media. Members of this movement are average citizens from all walks of life who are tired of being bullied. Every day, more and more Canadians come to Ottawa. We thank the citizens of Ottawa who welcomed us, this is what Canada is. We will leave when the Prime Minister does the right thing and ends the mandates. Thank you to the thousands of people who donated to the GoFundMe campaign. GoFundMe has all the information it needs to lift our funds suspension. Regular updates will follow. [translation follows in French]
  • Daniel Bullford (RCMP officer, who resigned after opposing warrants; his role is to liaise with police and deal with security issues): people are concerned about the heavy police presence in Ottawa and equipment they have seen, but it is common practice in these situations and no reason to panic (ER: We have seen snipers on very high roofs of government buildings in video footage). We work closely with parliamentary security and the police. All public safety concerns have been forwarded to the respective police departments. His main concern is with individuals and groups who are there to deliberately provoke conflict in order to discredit the freedom convoy movement. We have seen messages in the media about people being arrested and charged who are associated with our movement. These incidents are not linked to members of this movement but were committed by agitators. These incidents were reported to the police. He saw truckers and supporters feed the homeless for free, haul trailers of food to homeless shelters, keep the streets clean around them, perform garbage and snow removal, and provide security. of two public monuments.
  • GoFundMe Questions … [heckler question] Most of the money is held by GoFundMe. Because they’ve been bombarded by an orchestrated media campaign to shut it down, they’re doing their due diligence. … Accountants and lawyers are involved; audit procedures are in place to allow GFM to let the funds flow. When GFM releases the funds, lawyers and accountants refine the process so that truckers and others involved in the convoy are reimbursed. Then, the participants in the convoy can make their claims. (16 mins)



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