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Fincantieri Marine Systems North America (FMSNA) has announced that it will expand its marine repair operations to the East Coast, a move that is expected to create hundreds of jobs in Jacksonville, Florida, as it will provide commercial and government vessels with a well necessary maritime repair capability.

FMSNA will make Commodores Point the center of this effort, bringing business and investment to Jacksonville’s downtown waterfront.

“We are investing millions of dollars in waterfront improvements, including the installation of a large dry dock, which will allow us to be a leading marine repair company.” said Ryan Smith, President and CEO of FMSNA.

“The drydock will be certified by the US Navy, which will allow us to repair and maintain Navy vessels in addition to our work on commercial and Coast Guard vessels.”

In August, FMSNA received Navy approval to participate in repair and maintenance delivery orders on the Freedom-class littoral combat ships currently based in nearby Mayport.

And in October they received approval to compete for work on Mayport’s remaining surface fleet. Read the official announcement of these contracts here: / #FM102921

With the company’s expansion into northeast Florida, Smith expects to employ more than 300 men and women over the next three years.

These jobs include high-paying positions in the fields of pipefitting, ship outfitting, welding, electrical, equipment, preservation, and mechanics.

Beginning in early 2022, FMSNA will open its doors to provide services to small and mid-sized commercial vessels at their Commodores Point facility.

And although the large drydock will not be operational until 2023, FMSNA will be able to carry out surface work on the docks of the largest ships.

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