Bristol Rovers press conference live: Kevin Maher and Pablo Martinez preview Chelsea shock


Pablo Martinez addresses the press

We had a catch-up with Pablo Martinez some time ago. Here’s some of what he had to say …

On the EFL Trophy …

It’s good for us to have minutes. It’s good for young boys and first-team players who haven’t had a lot of time to play, so I think it’s good for everyone.

A game is a game and in any competition trying to win is important to us, so we are going to take it like any game.

Playing at Chelsea …

They will be energetic and ready to do it, so it will be good for us and a good challenge.

It’s Chelsea, so they’re definitely going to have some good players, but if we bond we will be good.

I think you can learn from any game, playing smaller or bigger teams in the 23. You can always learn something, so it will be a good experience.

I leave the spotting to the coaches. We’ll take a quick look at them (Chelsea) today, but the focus will be on ourselves.

Playing in front of fans at the Mem …

Even being on the bench the other day with the fans was good, because I hadn’t been through that. When I was playing it was during the COVID pandemic.

It would be great if as many fans as possible could come. For the youngest, it is always a good experience. It’s almost like a taste for them to have fans and to feel what the noise is like, so it would be nice if the fans could come down.

Pablo Martinez in action during the preseason (Andy Watts / JMP)

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