Brighton v Leeds United – Marcelo Bielsa press conference with every word White boss makes a salary admission and faces a worrying position


REPEAT TRIP: For Leeds United head coach Marcelo Bielsa, above as Whites head back to Brighton. Photo by ADRIAN DENNIS / AFP via Getty Images.

The Whites are approaching the 13th round of the top-tier campaign, sitting fourth in the standings and just two points out of the drop zone after Sunday’s 2-1 loss to Tottenham Hotspur.

Brighton are six points and eight places higher in the standings, but Graham Potter’s side have gone seven league games without a win after their impressive start to the 2021-22 campaign which featured four wins in their first five games.

Bielsa spoke to the media at 1 p.m. and here are all the words spoken by the Los Blancos head coach who injured six players in last weekend’s loss to Spurs.

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Last update: Thursday November 25, 2021, 2:53 PM

  • Marcelo Bielsa facing the media at 1 p.m.
  • Leeds visit Brighton in a Saturday kick-off at 5.30 p.m.
  • Ninth against 17th, six points between the two teams
  • Brighton have made seven league appearances without a win

Complete transcription of each word said to follow

On Tyler Roberts, would you allow him to leave in January if he was interested or would that leave the team too short?

“In terms of whether we’re missing players or whether the squad is short or small, I feel like we should assess whether the squad really needed signings and whether the squad design was wrong. calculated based on the injuries that were produced. When you add players to have a larger group, it decreases the chances of getting into the first team. If you have more players for the same need there are fewer player minutes so I watch the decisions I make. When Shackleton was the alternative to Ayling when he wasn’t around, I think when he played it was appreciated. Pascal was the alternative when Firpo and Dallas weren’t available at left-back and in the last two games he has shown he deserves that confidence. When Llorente disappeared, Cresswell and Ayling gave positive responses. Of course, when I make these observations, I always measure what the audience thought, what you thought of their performances, the same when Cooper was away and Pascal had to play. In the last few games, Forshaw and Pascal have been the alternatives when Phillips was not around and have been satisfactory. In the need to replace Klich, Forshaw and Dallas did it the right way too, the patience Rodrigo needed was revealed and we found him to be a solid attacking midfielder. In Bamford’s absence, James continuously performed better in this position and not bringing in more players gave Gelhardt a voice and Raphinha and Harrison’s absences were covered by Summerville and James and always with the acceptance of the public and the media so I’m trying to see if we should really adhere to these requests for signings or if keep the same players and have patience because this allows James to consolidate, Gelhardt to find the space, that Summerville can have the same process as Gelhardt, managing that Forshaw again has a constant presence in the squad, allowing Rodrigo as a 9 or 10 to show his qualities, being able to allow Ayling to play well as as a center-back and Dallas as a left-back, capitalizing on Pascal as an important player and Shackleton, so I’m not the owner of the truth, nor am I still in my point of view. But there are messages that I must know how to interpret and for this reason I evaluate the decisions that I take, without it having been only my decision, I always give an example which is there only when such a young player came as an alternative for Casilla who came from Real Madrid it was also a question mark so of course there are players with more entity but it is as true as the contributions of Shackleton, Pascal, Cresswell, Forshaw who come back, Summerville, Gelhardt, that if we had a team with more actors, these options which consolidated the group would not have seen the light of day. And of course no other club can incorporate players without limits, and a club that has rudet Rodrigo, who bought James, who bought Raphinha, who bought Llorente, Firpo, Koch, there are a lot of signings and naturally in the capital that is invested I feel completely that I have been given the resources. I need to put the correction points where I think they should be so that I don’t have fundamentalist positions and I am not giving up in any way but am forced to analyze the messages I receive. Tyler is also someone I have accompanied with, in his efforts to get into the team and while he continues to have that desire to fight for a place on the team, I will always want him to be. the. It’s different when a player wants to leave. When a player feels like leaving, there is no point in trying to keep him. To sum up, I think the club has put enough human resources at my disposal for the results to be different. I cannot attribute the position in the table, nor the injuries to an insufficient number of players. Obviously what’s left is the management of the players that I have and I think that’s where the attention is focused and everything I just said I said giving points and arguments.

“We have established contact with him, all the technical staff to know our sadness and how we will be close after what happened to him. Anyway, he is a youngster with a lot of character and that will allow him to recover and come back stronger than before.

What is the most satisfying thing about this job?

“My job gives me this satisfaction when we do things in the field that are valued. I clearly know when we are defending well and I clearly know when we are attacking well. And I also know how to perceive the responses of the gaming audience to what we generate. To give an example, when the first half ended against Tottenham, I realized that the stadium had valued what we had done, whether it was our own fans or those who helped the game in general. But this impetus that we gave in the first half was not long enough or it did not last long enough for us in the second half.

Does the issue you tried to tackle at Spurs last weekend take up much of this week as you have to prepare for the eventuality that another team tries to replicate this and how to prevent it from happening? occur ?

“The previous game is always a reference and the next one in the same way, we combine the two and the week was long enough to correct and plan.”

Concerned about position in the table or is injury a significant mitigating factor?

“Injury is not one of the reasons we’re here and of course it worries me about where we stand in the table. I’m at the head of a group of footballers to deserve to be at one. higher position and the club trusted me. One of the aspects that shows that confidence is what they pay me to do this job and of course the results I deliver are not what you get. waits.

On Gelhardt – surprised at his acclimatization?

“In a way, when I put a player who is not usual in the starting XI, it is because I am convinced that he can deliver a positive result. It doesn’t surprise me that he is able to compete at this level, but he has worked hard to seize the opportunities that have been given to him.

Learn from last season’s matches against Brighton?

“They’re repositories but that’s about it because every game is new.”

“It’s a team that is flexible in the way they align themselves and where they play players in different positions, they do it in a very natural and efficient way.”

On players playing with freedom, as if they were still a child, like Raphinha

“To be a professional player, an important contribution is to have a great amateur spirit. I’m talking about what a player develops when they play for nothing, without expecting any reward apart from winning. They are the future professional footballers, they consolidate the most important parts of it and then become professionals, Raphinha is a clear example of this, he has not lost anything of what you achieve, what you get when you play for fun. Of course, he added to this amateur spirit, he added a lot of things that professional play requires, the important thing is the development of those virtues that come from childhood because those that accompany professional play are complementary. Of course, Raphinha is recognized and it will be more and more for his ability to invent answers that are not expected and it is not a virtue that one obtains with professionalism, it must be preserved and kept. despite the professionalism.


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