Biden took questions from reporters during a brief press conference that lasted just under half an hour after meeting with European NATO leaders.

At a press conference in Madrid on Thursday, President Joe Biden said he would support an end to the filibuster to enact federal abortion legislation and denounced the Supreme Court’s ‘outrageous’ rejection of Roe v. Wade.

He criticized the decision and its effects during a press conference after the NATO meeting in Madrid, Spain.

America is more prepared than ever to lead the world, he said.

However, the outrageous actions of the United States Supreme Court in overturning not only Roe v. Wade, but also by fundamentally undermining the right to privacy, have been troubling.

As his left-leaning supporters and critics blamed him for not acting sooner, Biden also defended his qualifications to be the “messenger” of abortion rights.

In addition, he said he would support an exclusion that would allow Democrats in Congress to approve measures guaranteeing abortion rights even in the absence of 60 votes in the Senate.

Making it obvious how awful this decision was and how it affects privacy in general, as well as a woman’s freedom of choice, which is a crucial, crucial aspect, should be our first priority, according to Biden.

“Therefore, I will speak to governors to find out what action they think I should also take,” the speaker said.

The “biggest issue,” he continued, was his belief that the safeguards in Roe v. Wade were to be enshrined in law.

The president added, “The way to do it is to make sure Congress votes to do it.”

And if the filibuster gets in the way, we should make an exemption for that, just like we would for voting rights.

But the strategy might not work. To become law, it would need the support of all the Democratic senators, and two of them would be against it.

Before the bill failed to become law due to objections from conservative Democratic Senators Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema, Biden backed the idea of ​​an exclusion to pass legislation protecting the right to vote.

Both of their offices have made it clear that they are still opposed to changing the filibuster rule.

The Senate’s 60-vote threshold to undo a filibuster delay all but guaranteed that the president’s agenda would stagnate in the upper house.

To approve legislation with a 50-50 split and Vice President Kamala Harris as the deciding vote, Democrats must convince 10 Republicans to support them.

Biden, who is open about his Catholic faith, was asked at the press conference how his current role in leading the government’s backlash in Roe Squares with his previous statements opposing abortion.

Are you the best messenger to push this forward, asked NBC’s Kelly O’Donnell?

“I am Yes. I represent the United States of America as President. Therefore, I am the best messenger,” Biden shot back.

And I sincerely believe that the Court presented the United States with a very important dilemma – not only in terms of the right to choose, but also in terms of the right to marry, the right – a wide variety of privacy issues .

Biden went on to talk about how the Supreme Court affected privacy rights, saying, “They erased everything.”

As a result, they only have me as president, and Biden has vowed to lobby both Congress and the public in addition to doing everything in his legal power to do so through executive orders. .

“The simple line is if you care, if the polling data is accurate and you think this court ruling was an outrage or a serious mistake, vote.” Vote, and participate.

A day after the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade, the president has embarked on a six-day tour of Europe.

Women’s rights activists say it could jeopardize US efforts to advance reproductive health and rights overseas.

After spending the day Sunday in the Bavarian Alps with G7 leaders, Biden said no one raised the issue.

Not related to Ukraine or any of the topics we talked about, he said.

Progressive lawmakers and even House Democratic leaders have repeated Biden’s strident support for ending the filibuster.

In a statement Monday, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi urged the Senate to end the filibuster to pass legislation allowing abortion rights. It also pledged to take legislative action to protect individuals’ right to privacy.

Harris, Biden’s own vice president, disagreed with the idea when asked about it by CNN Monday night.

Asked about the likelihood, Harris replied to host Dana Bash, “Right now, with the current makeup of the Senate, the votes aren’t there.”

Then, when the reporter insisted, she said, “I understand why you ask that question.

However, if we do not have the necessary numbers in the Senate, we cannot even begin to say whether this will happen or not.

And again, that’s why I keep talking about the importance of an election that’s only about 130 days from now.

The Louisville Courier-Journal reported late Wednesday that Biden is considering nominating former Kentucky Republican solicitor general Chad Meredith to a federal judgeship, which could be a blow to his credibility in the abortion debate.

In a case against Kentucky’s then-only abortion center in 2019, Meredith defended then-state governor Matt Bevin.

In 2021, he successfully fought to enforce a ruling requiring doctors performing abortions to first perform ultrasounds on their patient and describe the fetus in detail.

Rep. John Yarmuth, a Democrat, told the publication he believed it was part of a deal with Republican Senate Leader Mitch McConnell to confirm more of Biden’s nominees.

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