“Best Holiday Gift?” Get vaccinated ”- Press conference


“The only thing we know about Omicron, and that’s for sure, it makes sense to get vaccinated today, no matter what we find out about Omicron, because today we’re threatened by Delta. It would really be. sad if people are losing their lives today because they were killed by the Delta variant while worried about Omicron. “

It was part of Governor Inslee’s opening statement on the new COVID variant at his press conference on Thursday, December 2.

He made an interesting faux paux by calling her “Omicraw“But his comments reflected the seemingly double-sided comments from the CDC as well as the Washington State Department of Health.

South African medical authorities have said, like others, that it is roughly unknown whether Omicron will be resistant to the vaccine. As reinforced by data from the Benton Franklin Department of Health tracking groundbreaking cases since vaccines became available, we’ve seen a steady increase in the number of fully vaccinated people still contracting COVID.

Nationally, even the CDC has admitted that the efficacy rate of COVID vaccines (which at one point was 90-95% after clinical trials) has now fallen to 60-70%, which roughly matches the location of the annual flu shot.

Previously, they were claimed to be in the 90th percentile in to prevent COVID.

So Inslee, WSDOH, and CDC say that even if they don’t know about Omicron’s vaccine resistance, people should still get the vaccine.

Inslee also said the greatest holiday gift anyone can give this season is “to get vaccinated.”

Inslee also referred to some Roe Vs on Hold. Wade’s abortion rights cases heard by WA DC high courts

He begged people to fight for this right.

The irony of this is not lost on many, he stands up for the right of choice, but when it comes to personal medical choices over the vaccine it is apparently a different ‘right of choice’. .

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