As Project Veritas claims its press freedom violated, right-wing video producer attacks rights of real journalists


Far-right video producer Project Veritas has been trying to undermine the careers and rights of mainstream journalists for years, but following the FBI raids on the home of founder and CEO James O’Keefe and his associates, the group now claims that its own journalistic rights have been violated.

Project Veritas is widely known for targeting and attempting to infiltrate political campaigns, nonprofit organizations, and the mainstream media and for releasing selectively edited video and audio recordings of these organizations for the purpose of showcasing its target as biased or criminal. Over the past year, the far-right con artist has produced and disseminated disinformation about voter fraud and the coronavirus vaccine.

In early November, the FBI raided the homes of O’Keefe and some of his associates as part of an investigation into the missing diary of Ashley Biden, the daughter of President Joe Biden. The newspaper disappeared last year and excerpts were published online shortly before the 2020 election. While acknowledging that his group had access to the newspaper, O’Keefe claimed “that he and his colleagues had acted in as ethical journalists, had turned over the paper to law enforcement authorities last year and sought to return it to a lawyer. for Ms. Biden, ”according to the New York Times, before handwritten pages were posted on another right-wing website just before Election Day.

Since the raids were publicly reported in The New York Times, Project Veritas has claimed that its First Amendment rights have been violated. O’Keefe alleged that his “journalists’ notes” and his source information had been confiscated and suggested that as a journalist this information is protected by the First Amendment.

Project Veritas has spent years demolishing the media, attempting to undermine vital press freedoms in multiple lawsuits against mainstream media. And Project Veritas itself does not function as a news organization. He engages in unethical undercover operations where his agents assume false identities in order to infiltrate Democratic campaigns, liberal organizations, the media and other enemies of the right. He allegedly asked for contributions from donors on the articles ‘publication schedule, took his targets’ comments out of context and disseminated dangerous disinformation about the vaccine.

Meanwhile, Project Veritas reveled in coverage of its First Amendment rights from Politico and the Washington Post, as well as statements of reluctant support from the American Civil Liberties Union, Committee to Protect Journalists. and others.


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