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PRESS RELEASE. Dual Channel DeFi Ecosystem ADA Finance has announced a memorandum of understanding with BitDegree to structure a Haskell Academy program and is nominated for the “Best DeFi Project of the Year” award at the AIBC Summit.

November 11, 2021, Mahé, Victoria, Seychelles – The ADA Finance platform just announced the Haskell Academy program, with BitDegree, to educate Haskell developers and motivate them to build on the Cardano blockchain. TThe ADAFi ecosystem is powered by both the Cardano blockchain, using the rapidly emerging Haskell programming language, and the Avalanche blockchain, using solidity. ADA Finance was also nominated for “Best DeFi project of the year” at the 2021 AIBC summit in Malta, which will take place from November 15-18, 2021.

The Haskell Academy program

ADA Finance structures a pioneering company Haskell AAcademy program, with blockchain education provider BitDegree, to deliver in-depth formal training to up to 20 Haskell academics and raise awareness of Cardano Blockchain development. With the Haskell Academy program, ADA Finance is following in the footsteps of IOHK and Emurgo, whose respective programs help pave the way for developers to launch the Cardano blockchain.

Haskell is an advanced, unique and functional programming language that offers unmatched benefits for blockchain development, higher levels of security and memory in conjunction with DeFi. The only downside is that it is one of the hardest coding languages ​​to learn and it is very difficult to find people who have completed the Plutus Pioneer program to become a Cardano smart contract developer.

The Haskell Academy program will bridge the gap with coaching and intuition to develop on the Cardano blockchain. This will help us build a strong ecosystem and provide a sustainable and innovative talent base for the future development of smart contracts and, eventually, the Cardano ecosystem.

Haskell Academy graduates will be officially certified by BitDegree and offered a paid internship with ADA Finance, or Haskell Academy program partners, providing them with a unique and potentially life-changing opportunity to join one of the most innovative ecosystems in the world. from the ground. ground.

Dual chain ecosystem

ADA Finance is a Cross-Dual-Chain ecosystem that is developed using both the Cardano blockchain and the Avalanche blockchain. The bridge that communicates between these two blockchains uses the Avalanche blockchain as an additional layer of security to protect the ADAFi ecosystem and mitigate the risk of congestion at an early stage of the Cardano blockchain.

This Cross-Dual-Chain synergy mitigates any potential industry or interoperability problem, protects the project, the ADAFi ecosystem and the investors. The focus of the ADAFi ecosystem on security creates a basis for the project to grow stronger and provide complete peace of mind to all who participate in the next IDO.

Nomination of the best DeFi project of the year AIBC

ADA Finance is one of the main nominees for the prestigious “Best DeFi project of the year” at AIBC Summit 2021, The leading European event for blockchain, AI and emerging technologies. Alongside ADA Finance, several other projects are nominated, including the Safemoon community-driven DeFi token and the ABEYFoundation PoW + DPoS hybrid consensus.

In the past, the prize has been awarded to outstanding projects such as tit widely used the Ethereum-based MakerDAO protocol, and SingularityDAO AI powered DeFi wallet project. The event will take place in Malta from November 15 to 19, 2021.

A growing DeFi ecosystem

ADAFi is one of the the most innovative DeFi ecosystems in the industry today. It gives users the freedom to choose which blockchain they run the ADAFi ecosystem on, on Cardano or Avalanche. ADA Finance is also driving the growth of the platform and encouraging user activity by offering a 3 tier referral program and address milestones. The ecosystem will bring traditional DeFi tools and introduce innovative DeFi features to optimize passive earning opportunities for users.

What is Next for ADAFi?

ADA Finance reveals their business development successes over the past 5 weeks, during their Go-To-Market Sprint (which started Nov. 8) and gears up for their highly anticipated IDO in mid-December.

As smart contracts near launch on Cardano’s mainnet, ADA Finance continues to make a substantial contribution to the growth of the Cardano ecosystem and the upcoming demand from Haskell developers, providing a rare opportunity for those who want be part of a rapidly changing ecosystem.

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