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COLMAR, Pa., Aug. 11, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Dorman Products, Inc. (NASDAQ: DORM) today announced the release of 300 new automotive parts, a third of which are exclusive to the aftermarket. The new products join an expansive catalog of more than 118,000 replacement solutions that advance the company’s mission to give repair professionals and owners greater freedom to repair a wide range of passenger and commercial vehicles.

New products introduced this month include four Dorman® Parts OE FIX™ products, adding to a growing lineup of nearly 2,000 OE FIX repair solutions designed to save you time, save money or increase reliability. Two new fuel pump driver modules (601-131 and 601-132) designed to fit over 4.6 million aging General Motors (GM) vehicles provides all three benefits. When the factory module fails on some GM vehicles, the dealer replacement part may require costly calibration and programming. These time-saving Dorman OE FIX replacements are pre-programmed for easier and more predictable installation, feature a thermally and vibration tested backing plate for greater corrosion resistance and improved electronics for increased reliability.

Dorman is a leading supplier of aftermarket engine heater hose assemblies and is reinforcing that leadership position this month with two new products designed to deliver longer life. These new OE FIX assemblies (626-769 and 626-688) feature rugged aluminum T-connectors instead of leak-prone plastic connectors used in original equipment designs on hundreds of thousands of Ford and Nissan models.

Technicians, detailers and DIY enthusiasts should consider Dorman their only source for serrated wheel studs, essential hardware that is constantly exposed to the elements. Extended coverage this month includes five new wheel studs (610-622, 610-625, 610-644, 610-748, 610-783) designed to fit over 6.5 million Ford, GM, Lincoln and Ram vehicles. These premium studs are precision manufactured from carbon steel and tested to exacting automotive industry standards to ensure strength, longevity and safety. They also meet SAE automotive industry standards for strength and hardness.

Other highlights from this month’s new product announcement include:

  • An extremely versatile anti-lock braking system wheel speed sensor connector (645-134) that can speed up quick disconnects and improve the appearance of electrical repairs and installations. This versatile pigtail connector fits over 22 million GM, Ford, Chrysler, Dodge and Jeep vehicles from 2006 to 2022.
  • In addition to Dorman’s leading aftermarket coverage in Door Lock Actuators (DLAs), this month features the release of a first-to-market integrated DLA (937-980) designed to fit and perform like the original on over 7 million 2013-2022 GM cars, trucks and SUVs. Like all Dorman DLAs, it has been cycle tested in an actual vehicle door to simulate use for years to ensure reliability.
  • A new line of aftermarket-exclusive transmission oil coolers (624-437) designed to replace original equipment lines on nearly 4 million GM vehicles, extending industry-leading aftermarket coverage in this part category that already includes more than 400 products in the Dorman catalog.
  • A new aftermarket-exclusive engine coolant reservoir (603-875) for certain aging Chevrolet Camaro models, increasing fluid reservoir coverage, another aftermarket category in which Dorman is a leader in aftermarket breadth and depth.
  • New aftermarket parts designed for heavy-duty trucks, reflecting Dorman’s progress in becoming a one-stop-shop for HD parts since its acquisition of Dayton Parts. These new products include two aftermarket-exclusive pressurized coolant reservoirs (603-5133 and 603-5140) for International and IC Corporation trucks and four exterior door handles for Kenworth, Mack and Peterbilt trucks (760-5112, 760-5113, 760-5114, 760-5524). Additional HD products include two new heavy-duty spark plugs (924-8010 and 924-8013) designed to match the fit and function of the factory plugs on millions of Mack and Hino trucks.

These are just a few of the 300 new products introduced by Dorman this month. To subscribe and receive all of Dorman’s new product announcements directly each month, visit DormanProducts.com/signup. To learn more about Dorman, take the Dorman Virtual Tour at DormanProducts.com/tour.

Note: The Vehicles In Service (VIO) information contained in this press release is based on Dorman’s analysis of third-party reports.


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