140 press freedom violations denounced in Cuba in July

Over the whole of the year, there were 409 acts against the freedom of journalists in the exercise of their profession, according to a press release published by this NGO.

Most of the events happened on July 11, the first anniversary of the largest anti-government protests in Cuba in decades.

ICLEP notably recorded 96 arbitrary detentions, 22 restrictions in the digital space (limitation of Internet access) and 22 threats and psychological attacks.

They also add that among the journalists affected are Camila Acosta, María Matienzo, Luz Escobar, Yunia Figueredo, Boris González, Jorge Amado, Juan Manuel Moreno, Frank Abel García and Yadiris Luis Fuentes, among others.

The NGO in Cuba has denounced so far this year 189 arbitrary detentions, 126 restrictions in the digital space and 69 psychological threats and attacks, as well as 11 acts of abuse of power and 4 physical attacks.

ICLEP also recalled that journalist Lázaro Yuri Valle Roca was recently sentenced to five years in prison for the crimes of “continued enemy propaganda” and “resistance”.

The media in Cuba is divided into official and so-called independent media, most of which are digital (many based in Miami or Madrid) and operate in the Caribbean island between legal tolerance and repression.

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